Our Mission and Goals

Caregiver Cards is an exciting and new innovation founded in 2012. Caregiver Cards aspires to help overcome communication barriers to patients and caregivers living with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia disorders further offering the highest quality of life possible.

The goals of Caregiver Cards are to improve communication, stimulate memory, promote independence, reduce anxiety, and care for the caregiver. A cared for caregiver will be the healthy marker that we measure success on. Caregiver Cards will strive to always expand and progress to meet the ever changing roles and demands on the caregivers.

Caregiver Cards is a first of its kind assistive tool, and we take pride in knowing that we are here and available to help the Alzheimer’s community. We look forward to helping and serving the needs of caregivers and loved ones with Alzheimer’s alike and welcome your comments and feedback.

We are so dedicated to helping the Alzheimer's community, that with every purchase, Caregiver Cards will donate 10% to the
Alzheimer’s Association and Alzheimer’s Network of Oregon. Now that's something to take pride in!

Who We Are

Barbara WorthingtonBarbara Worthington is the founder and owner of Caregiver Cards. Barbara has firsthand knowledge of the joys and challenges that come with being a caregiver to a loved one with Alzheimer’s. Barbara Worthington has over 13 years of experience and knowledge related to care giving and Alzheimer’s. Barbara, along with her husband, Mark, were 24 hour caregivers to her wonderful grandmother, “Granga”, who had Alzheimer’s disease. Prior to being a full time caregiver, Barbara helped care and assist for her grandfather, “Papaw”, who also had Alzheimer’s disease. It was this experience that spurned a passion to be educated and educate the public alike about Alzheimer’s disease. Barbara has additional experience within the Alzheimer’s community being a volunteer Community Liaison for the Alzheimer’s Association© and the Alzheimer’s Network of Oregon© (formerly Mid Valley Alzheimer’s Network). She has also been employed as a Community Relations Coordinator for Hillside Retirement Community’s© (located in McMinnville, Oregon) assisted living and memory care communities. Currently, Barbara is enjoying volunteering at a local memory care community where she is thrilled to go on field trip outings with the residents. Professionally, Barbara has an Associates degree in Nursing and a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Education.

Barbara wishes, firstly, to give honor, praise and credit to Jesus, Lord and Savior, proclaiming through Him all things are possible! I dedicate the business in memory to my grandparents, Granga and Papaw, who through their love, devotion, and care taught me how to be a supportive caregiver long before I was honored to be their caregiver. Thanks, praise and blessings to my wonderful family, especially my devoted and hardworking husband, Mark, and my sweet and inspirational daughters. Without your love and support, Caregiver Cards would not exist. Finally, I would have never had the continued passion and desire to pursue education in Alzheimer’s and exploring creative solutions to care were it not for all the lovely families, persons with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers that I have met, shared joys and heartbreaks alike with, and been inspired by. These cards are for you; to help care for you. Thank you for the opportunity. I look forward to knowing more of you and sharing in the journey that is Alzheimer’s. –I Corinthians 13: 4-7 (LOVE IS PATIENT, LOVE IS KIND. IT DOES NOT ENVY, IT DOES NOT BOAST. ALWAYS PROTECTS, ALWAYS TRUSTS, ALWAYS HOPES, ALWAYS PERSEVERES. LOVE NEVER FAILS.)

Mark Worthington is the CIO and technical guru of Caregiver Cards. He is also the husband of owner, Barbara Worthington. Mark has personal experience with Alzheimer’s disease. While working full time as a Systems Administrator, Mark would also provide care giving to Barbara’s maternal grandmother, Granga. It was this dedication, hard work, and care that helped support the dream of what is now Caregiver Cards. Professionally, Mark Worthington has over 12 years of experience in computers and Information Technology. Many years have been involved in website development and systems administration. Mark has an Associate’s degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s of Science in Business with a focus in Management Information Technology.

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