A FREE, Helpful Guide to Choosing the Right Care for Your Aging Loved One. Featured

A FREE, Helpful Guide to Choosing the Right Care for Your Aging Loved One.

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Good intentions are great, but can only go so far. Family caregivers need a realistic outlook for providing appropriate, healthy care not only for their aging loved one, but for themselves.


As an Alzheimer's and dementia family caregiver, one of the more challenging decisions I was ever faced with was choosing the most appropriate type of care for my loved one, at the right time.

For example, my grandfather was able to live with assistance from my grandmother until the health,  behavior, and safety needs of his Alzheimer's became too large for my grandmother to care for. He was then transitioned into a nursing home environment. My grandmother's health journey went in a kind of backwards journey, starting semi-independent living care, to the hospital, then to hospice, graduated hospice, on to a skilled nursing home,  and then moved back home for full-time home care. My father required occasional, in home-care, full-time in home care and then hospice.

All 3 family members had dementia related diseases. I was a family caregiver for all 3. Because they all progressed in their diseases differently, I/my family needed different levels/types of care at different stages. Thankfully there were groups willing to help offer me guides and resources to help navigate these difficult decisions.

LoCost Medical Supply has recently published a FREE, practical guide to help caregivers make the best health care decisions regarding home vs. residential care. Their article, Choosing the Right Care for Your Aging Loved One. The Ultimate Guide, is packed with helpful care information regarding factors that impact your decision about types of care, and their pro's and con's. I especially like this pro/con section. I find it useful to have such a columned list when facing these type of care challenges. It helps keep my focus away from emotional decisions (which can change daily, if not hourly), and steers me to a more practical approach to the best care for my loved one and myself. 

Follow this link for your free, helpful guide.

I appreciate how companies like LoCost Medical Supply offer help and information to us caregivers when we need it. 

What websites, groups, information have you found helpful in your caregiving journey? Please share with us.

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