• "There is no limit to how Caregiver Cards can be used." --Lori La Bey (Recognized by Dr. Oz as the #1 Online Alzheimer's influencer)

  • "I am a caregiver, and over the year I have purchased 6 sets of Caregiver Cards to use with adults with special needs and persons with Alzheimer’s. I am using Caregiver Cards for a resident who likes to read. I told her I was getting a book of Caregiver Cards to help read with her tomorrow. I quickly described that it was picture and word cue cards. The next day when I showed up to work, she came to me and said (on her own) “book” and “read”. I was so excited. I will be sharing Caregiver Cards with my Administrator and fellow staff. --Susie N. (Nursing Home Caregiver)

  • "Communication is imperative in any relationship. Your caregiver cards makes communication easier for persons with dementia or stokes. They are not only practical but with some people the only way of communicating. My mother could have benefited from these effective tools of communication, if I had known about them before she died." --K. Routson (Author, Consultant, Life Coach)

  • "I received my recent order of Caregiver Cards and am pleased with their content. My mother has dementia and lives in long-term care here in Olympia, WA.She has little recognition of her need for care and is focused on returning home which would be really unrealistic. I would hope the Caregiver Cards may increase her recognition of the value of the care she receives. She may be more cooperative (and assimilate more) with the grouped card format." Thank you. --M.P. (Family Caregiver)

  • "I wish these cards were around when I was caring for my mother! They sure could have helped us." --Cyrena M. (Family Caregiver)

  • "I have found the Caregiver Cards to be helpful in communicating with Seniors  that speak  another language.   Especially when the caregiver does not speak or speaks very little of the same language as the senior they are taking care of." -- Sandy M. (Memory Care Program Director)

  • "I have a 65 year old father who has had dementia for 4 years. His short term memory is so bad. This will help us create flash cards for every day use and help us to try and retain his dignity as he gets so frustrated with every day life. He still is in his own self contained flat but has carers that assist daily and are on call 24 hours per day. Day centers and family support is what keeps him out of secure care so at the moment he is still able to come and go as he pleases. I was suggested similar cards but when searching net found your website and communication cards." Thanks. --D.G. (Family Caregiver)

  • "Good variety, covers all areas of concern." --Anonymous Staff at Care Facility

  • "Thank you for the help and influence Caregiver Cards has been for our respite home!" --Administrator for memory care respite community.

  • "I am neither a paid carer or a professional just a daughter trying to do the best for her father. My father has had dementia since he was 59 and is now 65. We are trying to make life as easy as possible for him so he can remain control and dignity. I was recommended by my GP as dads situation was causing stress and sleepless nights and they suggested prompt cards as easy daily remainders so the Internet search began, I found your site easy to navigate, professional, products suited every need as cost was never going to be an issue." -- Donna (Family Caregiver)

  • "I love the visual support for patients. The pictures are large and clear. I could see this being used with Stroke patients, too." --Debbie C. (Speech & Language Therapist)

  • "I actually used the cards with a resident  who I suspected was losing the ability to read and used the cards to test their reading ability and it gave me insight into their understanding." --Anonymous Staff at Care Facility

  • "I gotta share w/you something cool about the cards. Yesterday, while volunteering, I brought my Caregiver Cards. There is a gentleman who rode with us to our field trip last week who I had trouble communicating w/him to drink water from his water bottle if he was thirsty. He would hold the bottle and not know what to do but smile at me. He's non-verbal. Anyways, yesterday I came prepared. I got my cards out and flipped to the "THIRSTY" card. He looked at the card, studied it for a few seconds, smiled, and brought the water bottle to his mouth himself and started drinking! This is my reason why! This is my motivation! Just wanted to share what a cool moment it was!" -- Barbara (Memory Care Volunteer)

  •  "Thank you. You're Caregiver Cards are so well thought out. You'll help sooo many families. Let's do some good."-- LivHome Corp

  • "Loved the alz.card; very impressed with Barbara’s credentials." --C. Guma (Caregiver)

  • "I have to tell you that the Caregiver Cards  got around the home care immediately:) The carers where overwhelmed and could not stop saying how great this  idea is." -- B.P (Caregiver from England using Cards for Mother Who Now Speaks Native Polish Tongue)

  • "I wish I had these for my wife sooner. Where were you 6 months ago?" -- Anonymous (Family Caregiver)

  • "@CaregiverCards thank you for providing a service to help improve communication between #dementia patients and their family members!" -- Twitter member

  • "I think if you could do it in other languages.  If we had something like that in Portuguese that would really be beneficial, etc."  --Memory Care Administrator

  • "Hi do you ship to Australia? And do they come in any other language? I care for a Croatian lady with dementia who has gone back to her birth language and it makes it very hard to care for her, thanks." -- Anonymous (International Paid Caregiver)



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